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Name (just first):
Nickname(s): Dani
Birthday: Nov. 19
Zodiac sign: Scorpio
Single/Taken: taken

Fav. Band/Singer (no more than 5):

1) Fleetwood Mac 2) Guns N' Roses 3) Gold Finger 4) The Beatles 5) Deep Purple
Fav. Movie(s) (no more than 6):

1) "Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken" 2) "The Last of the Mohicans" 3) "Love Actually" 4) "The Lion King"
Fav Book(s) (no more than 3):

1) Sloppy Firsts 2) A Solitary Blue 3) Where the Heart Is
Fav. Food: Thai
Fav. TV Show: "Forensic Files" and "The Real World"
Fav. place to shop: American Eagle & Old Navy
Fav. Character from Mean Girls and why (no ten year old answers): Gretchen, because she tried to make "Fech" happen, and I always seem to try and bring back a word like, uber, no one uses that anymore around my school.  But, I've heard a few people say it. Haha.

"'One dick, one bush', the way God intended it to be."
Gay Marriage: I'm all for it, my friend is bi-sexual; so I really could care less.
Abortion: "Pro-Choice" I would rather not have someone add to the populations of orphans when it takes FOREVER to get an adoption in full swing and they still wind up having troubles most of the time and if the child stays with a teen-mother then it's most likely not going to have the best life et cetera.  Plus, if a woman was raped, I think she should be allowed to have an abortion.  But, I don't think that it should be used as a form of birth control. Once is enough.
Cliques: They happen, some are good, most are bad.
Micheal Moore: Haha, I hate what he stands for, but I love the fact that he was brave enough to speak his mind like he did.

~This or That~
Lindsey Lohan//Hilary Duff: Lindsey Lohan
Nicole Richie//Paris Hilton: I like Nicole's dad better... but I'd choose her over Paris any day.
Britney//X-tina: "X"-Tina, she has an amazing voice
Water//Soy milk: Water... although I like soy milk too
Hot Chocolate//Coffee: coffee

~Plastic Percentage~
How often do you wear makeup:
every day
How many times do you get your nails done a month: I've never gotten my nails done. I play guitar, so I find it pointless, sorry...

~Burn Book~
...Say something bad about...
You boyfriend or ex:
He's a cocky bitch and I hope he gets torn up by his next girl friend or caught selling his damn drugs
Your best friend: I don't have just one "best" friend.
Your worst enemy: A stupid whore and I hope she never gains more friends than she allready has since she dumped me for her ex-boyfriend and I took all of our friends because they never liked her in the first place.

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 when i was blonde

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