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i love lauren and adrienne yo.


Name (just first): Lauren
Nickname(s): Laurwhor, Whoran, Ren
Birthday: January 18 (Less then a month biatch)
Zodiac sign: Capricorn
Single/Taken: Single

Fav. Band/Singer (no more than 5): Brand New, Fall Out Boy, Taking Back Sunday, Postal Service, Greenday
Fav. Movie(s) (no more than 6): Donnie Darko. Period.
Fav Book(s) (no more than 3): The Five People You Meet In Heaven
Fav. TV Show: laguna beach ><
Fav. place to shop: hot topic...or hollister
Fav. Character from Mean Girls and why (no ten year old answers): regina because shes some skank bitch and she personally doesnt give a shit.

Bush: Should be burned and killed in hell because I believe he should not be our president and I was behind Kerry the whole time...asshole.
Gay Marriage: Love is love and it doesnt change, no matter your race or color or anything. If love is true, it shouldnt matter if it would be the same gender or not.
Abortion: Abortion=Death. Death=I strongly believe we should not have a death without a cause.
Cliques: Cliques can be cool...because I as myself am in one at the moment. And there will always be cliques, there will never be everyone an individual...always cliques.
Micheal Moore: can of mixed nuts with a damn nice butt. jk...hes bangin. he has a strong opinion and isnt scared to share it.

~This or That~
Pink//Purple: Purple
Lindsey Lohan//Hilary Duff: rather not choose either but Hilary Duff. Lindsay Lohan is some fake ass slut with fake boobs and a fake tan. Fake barbie all together.
Nicole Richie//Paris Hilton: Nicole Richie.
Britney//X-tina: Christina because I believe her voice is so much stronger then britneys although I love britney <33
Water//Soy milk: water...thats all i drnk
Hot Chocolate//Coffee: hot chocolate skank.

~Plastic Percentage~
How often do you wear makeup: 50% of the time.
How many times do you get your nails done a month: Once a month.
What's the meanest thing you've done to someone: This bitch was bothering me and I had a problem so we were in an amusment park at the time with a group of friensd and she was wearing a skirt and a very skimpy thong and i pantsed her and ran her into one of those water things (its like mixed in at great america)
And the meanest thing you've had done to you: A dirty whore tried to make me feel bad about myself...lmao so I guess nothing that mean has ever happened.

~Burn Book~
...Say something bad about...
You boyfriend or ex: Mother effing skank. I seriously, to this day have no idea why I even dated him it was a load of shit, hes ugly as hell and i wouldnt be caught dead talking to him. hes lanky and just plain gross and if i ever had to see him id shit on his ugly face.
Your best friend: I love her to death but sometimes she can be an ignorant ass shit. She is very conceited and pretends that she isnt but she is, and she thinks she doesnt get any attention and she should cry about it. But guys are always all over, I CANT STAND LOSER WHORES WHO THINK PIMPIN AINT EASY. friggan ho.
Your worst enemy: You mean the devil bitch alyssa hess? Not my fault her butt is plastic and its gunna be like inflatable in 2 years. No one will ever like her for her only for heir fake huge ass and her ugly face. Her eyes are like (added together) HER FACE. and her mouth, GOD DAMNITT DONT SMILE. fat whore. i want to bitchslap her...i even punched her at the dance for being so whorey. whorey isnt even a word but it descripes her FAT UGLY ASS. SHES so annoying and I want to bitchslap her...i want to phuck her up.

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i love you guys
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