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Im a Mean Girl!!!!


Name (just first): Alex
Nickname(s): Tinkerbell, Dick, Gepetto, Alexandra, Junior
Birthday: July 13, 1988
Zodiac sign: Cancer
Single/Taken: Single

Fav. Band/Singer (no more than 5): ryan cabrera, gavin degraw, the starting line, all american rejects, and avril lavigne
Fav. Movie(s) (no more than 6): miracle, mean girls, 13 going on 30, sweet home alabama, oceans 12, the italian job
Fav Book(s) (no more than 3): a walk to remember, animal farm, great expectations
Fav. Food: spaghetti
Fav. TV Show: one tree hill
Fav. place to shop: pac sun
Fav. Character from Mean Girls and why (no ten year old answers): Gretchen Wieners because she was always there for regina and cady. She was trustworthy to regina until she cracked. She was very kind and she made me laugh a lot.

Bush: I dont like the man. I think he has a lower IQ then Karen. He really needs to make our country better and get us out of war for me to have a better opinon of him.
Gay Marriage: Im all for it. I think that everyone deserves the chance to be happy. Just because they love the same sex does not make them love different
Abortion: Im pro-life. I feel that the only reason a mother should abort her baby is if she is raped.
Cliques: Cliques are fine as long as they dont interfere with other cliques. Cliques are together for a reason and when they start having rivalries things get way to bitchy for me.
Micheal Moore: I have never seen his movie. But i heard he was a dirtbag from some and awesome from some.

~This or That~
Pink//Purple: Pink
Lindsey Lohan//Hilary Duff: Lindsay Lohan
Nicole Richie//Paris Hilton: Paris Hilton
Britney//X-tina: X-tina
Water//Soy milk: Water
Hot Chocolate//Coffee: Hot Chocolate

~Plastic Percentage~
How often do you wear makeup: never actually
How many times do you get your nails done a month: umm i do my own nails
What's the meanest thing you've done to someone: i have tried to ruin their lives by spreading rumors
And the meanest thing you've had done to you: tried to ruin my life by trying to take the person i love the most away

~Burn Book~
...Say something bad about...
You boyfriend or ex: If i ever had a boyfriend i would say: Dammit he had no idea how effin lucky he was that i found him. He would be nothing without me. Just some piece of shit someone stepped on over and over again. He's an ungrateful bitch that only deserves the ugliest chick in the entire school.
Your best friend: Sometimes she can be a little bitchy and cold-hearted.
Your worst enemy: I hate her. She is so effin miserable that she wants everyone elses life to be as bad as hers. She tries to take the most important person away from me by spreading crap that he hates me. But its ok bitch because its not working. You childish racist whore.

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Me and my brothers

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