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Name (just first): Jennifer
Nickname(s): Jenna, Bigmouth, Blondie
Birthday: March 21, 1989
Zodiac sign: Aries
Single/Taken: Single

Fav. Band/Singer (no more than 5): Jimmy Eat World, Greenday, The Used, My Chemical Romance
Fav. Movie(s) (no more than 6): Mean Girls, A Cinderella Story, 10 Things I Hate About You, 14 Going on 30
Fav Book(s) (no more than 3): Harry Potter
Fav. Food: Bananas
Fav. TV Show: Laguna Beach
Fav. place to shop: Aeropostale
Fav. Character from Mean Girls and why (no ten year old answers): Karen because shes soo stupid and I can relate to her

Bush: I don't like him. I personally think it is time for a new president. But thats just me
Gay Marriage: I don't like seeing it in public but whatever makes someone happy don't let the rest of us see it.
Abortion: I think its a horrible thing. If you didn't want the baby you should of used protection. There is a lot of birth control these days that noone should be getting pregnant. Or there is always adoption
Cliques: They are perfectly fine. There are a lot of Cliques at my school. And I have my own Clique also.
Micheal Moore: umm?

~This or That~
Pink//Purple: Pink
Lindsey Lohan//Hilary Duff: Lindsay Lohan
Nicole Richie//Paris Hilton: Paris Hilton
Britney//X-tina: X-tine
Water//Soy milk: Water
Hot Chocolate//Coffee: Coffee

~Plastic Percentage~
How often do you wear makeup: everyday
How many times do you get your nails done a month: 2 times a month
What's the meanest thing you've done to someone: Well this one time this girl made me really mad and we were at a party so she thought she was so cool right and I pushed her in the swimming pool because we were all on a deck.
And the meanest thing you've had done to you: In 7th grade my best friend and I got in a fight and she brought in pics of me naked from when I was 3

~Burn Book~
...Say something bad about...
You boyfriend or ex: He was too skinny. Ever heard of working out?
Your best friend: I could never. If I had something to say about her we wouldn't be best friends, now would we?
Your worst enemy: Shes a lil wanna be slut. She thinks shes popular because guys use her for a piece of a ass

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