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Name (just first): Jennifer
Nickname(s): Jenna, Jen,Jenni,Princess,Goddess,JP,Pills
Birthday: Aug.13, 1988
Zodiac sign: LEO!!
Single/Taken: Single

Fav. Band/Singer (no more than 5): X-tina
Fav. Movie(s) (no more than 6): Mean Girls(DUH), Fight Club, Finding Nemo
Fav Book(s) (no more than 3): Go Ask Alice, Crank, Catcher In The Rye
Fav. Food: hummm....maybe Cinnabon
Fav. TV Show: Growing Up Gotti
Fav. place to shop: Abercrombie
Fav. Character from Mean Girls and why (no ten year old answers): Gretchen...first brunettes are just great,second she's just soo perfect- the right appereance, sex appeal, wits! She's got it all

Bush: Definately shouldn't be president. Do the American people want to live??
Gay Marriage: If you love someone, you should be allowed to marry them! Who cares if it's man/man or women/women?!?!
Abortion: That's tough, in some cases(like sexual abuse) abortion is an appropriate option.
Cliques: Not to sure, I never really thought about it.
Micheal Moore: A movie making god!!! From Bowling for Columbine to Faragheniet 9/11, he's definately knows how to capture and audience(which is always a grea thing)

~This or That~
Pink//Purple: Pretty in Pink!!
Lindsey Lohan//Hilary Duff: Hand's down Lindsey...even though she got implants
Nicole Richie//Paris Hilton: Paris= That's Hot
Britney//X-tina: Most Definately X-tina! She's so hot and can show class when she wants
Water//Soy milk: Water...flushed the system much better! Less lbs.
Hot Chocolate//Coffee: Coffee, but it's so addictive

~Plastic Percentage~
How often do you wear makeup: everyother day
How many times do you get your nails done a month: Probably once a week, so 4
What's the meanest thing you've done to someone: Pour fruit punch down some girls white graduation dress ;-)
And the meanest thing you've had done to you: Ex-best friend told the entire school I had HIV! Totally uncool!!!

~Burn Book~
...Say something bad about...
You boyfriend or ex: He's got a small dick for such hottie!!
Your best friend: She thinks she's really funny, but it pains me to hear her try!
Your worst enemy: The ex-best friend, has to wax her entire back side(ass and back)!!! EWWWW


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